Terms and Conditions

Standard Valet Services

  • All pools must be in a fair and hygienic condition before regular valet rates can apply. Additional costs of $75 (per hour) + chemicals + gst will apply to ‘clean up’ a pool, to bring it back to hygienic condition.
  • All monthly charges are due within 7 days of invoice issue (except in the case of Fixed-Monthly-Rate service options)
  • Sparkling Pools Ltd (SPL) reserves the right to suspend service to any client whose account becomes more than 30 days overdue, and the costs which might arise to clean up a pool, subsequent to suspension of service, are the liability of the client.
  • SPL does not usually recommend a 4-weekly service, except specifically in circumstances where a client’s pool has appropriate supporting systems. In any case, while all professional care will be taken while providing a regular 4-weekly service, SPL does not take liability for any green pool conditions which might arise where any service frequency is less than 2-weekly.
  • SPL does not accept any liability for the occurrence of ‘green’ or ‘dirty’ pool conditions which may arise from circumstances beyond their reasonable control, eg stormy weather, storm damage, heat waves etc.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that SPL has adequate access to the serviced pool, or to make reasonable arrangements for that access. If SPL staff are unable to gain access to carry out a scheduled valet visit, we may not be able to return until the next scheduled visit time. In that case, if ‘green’ pool conditions were to arise, liability for additional costs would lie with the client.
  • During a regular valet visit, SPL staff will automatically replace minor pool equipment items where such items are integral to the healthy and proper functioning of the pool’s systems; eg skimmer baskets, pump baskets, auto-cleaner hose lengths etc. Charges for such items will be clearly described and added to the client’s monthly invoice for service.
  • Any costs incurred in the recovery of overdue or bad debt will be added to the total of the debt owed.

Fixed-Monthly-Rate Valet Services

  • The conditions above, for Standard valet services, apply here also. In addition, some extra conditions are defined for the Fixed-Monthly-Rate options.
  • The client’s intent on taking up an Fixed-Monthly-Rate valet service is that the service will be retained for at least one year. Costs are calculated by anticipating annual labour and chemical usage for a full 12-month period. This annual amount is then divided into 12 equal monthly instalments. Annual chemical usage includes standard water balancing chemicals plus occasional water therapies, including calcium hardener, phosphate starver, winterising algaecides.
  • A variable discount is already applied to the chemical component of each contract valet cost:
    – 1-weekly service attracts a 20% discount on anticipated annual chemical consumption
    – 2-weekly frequency options attract 15% discount on anticipated annual chemical consumption
    – mixed frequency options attract 12.5% discount on anticipated annual chemical consumption
    – 4-weekly frequency options attract 10% discount on anticipated annual consumption.
  • An additional charge of $16 p.c.m. will usually apply if a spa pool is included in the scope of service, or if the pool has a capacity of more than 90000ltrs. An additional charge of $20 p.c.m. will apply to pools located in far-flung areas of Auckland. Additional charges of up to $40 p.c.m. might apply if the serviced pool was in the CBD or any other area / situation which might pose significant recurrent parking problems.
  • Clients are encouraged to set up monthly acquittal of instalment charges on an automatic payment facility. In that case, the requirement to acquit invoices within 7 days is extended to the 20th of the following month. Arrangements for automatic deduction of monthly instalments by BankCard can be made through our office, simply by supplying relevant details and written authority. Alternatively, an Automatic Payment arrangement can be made directly by the client with their bank.
  • SPL reserves the right to refuse contract valet service structures to clients where we believe that the service type or frequency will be inherently problematic and/or bound to inhibit their ability to provide reasonable satisfaction.
  • The contract costs do NOT cover costs for additional supplies, even though these supplies (eg auto-cleaner parts) may be supplied during a regular valet visit. The contract cost does not include costs for repairs to equipment etc, although the serviceman may initiate or highlight the need for such repairs.
  • During a valet service, SPL valet staff will automatically replace (and charge on) small pool equipment items, which clearly need replacing to allow the pool systems to function well; eg skimmer baskets, pump baskets, auto-cleaner hose sections. Charges for such items will be invoiced separately to the monthly instalment cost for service.