Pool Filters

Pool filters are a crucial component of any effective pool filtration system. Generally speaking, media filters are installed on pools (and some spas), while cartridge filters are usually confined to the operation of spa pools. Our media filters are installed with superior high-grade glass media which filters down to as low as 2 microns and lasts up to 10 years without the need for media exchange. All our pool filters are supported by manufacturers warranties.

Our Clients Say

"We have had a pool for over 35 years which has been looked after by various members of the family. When it became apparent that the pool was in need of painting/resurfacing, we made contact with Sparkling Pools. We were dreading the thought of the disruption, noise, dirt and having contractors on site for several weeks.

We had the pleasure of meeting Grant whose considerable knowledge of swimming pools is so impressive. He checked out not only the pool finish, advised us of the various alternatives open to us, but also the machinery and ancillary equipment. We were so impressed that we gave Sparkling Pools our contract to resurface and we enjoyed a textbook example of a perfect contract."
Ronny & Pamela, St Heliers, Auckland
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