quartzon aggregate plaster renovation

Renovations & Resurfacing

A pool needs interior renovation whenever you feel like it needs it, or when the existing interior surface shows unmistakable signs of deterioration; eg flaking or drummy plaster, chalking or oxidixing paint. Most plastered interior surfaces last for 10-20 years depending on actual medium, while painted surfaces will deteriorate within 5-7 years. All media are significantly affected by micro-climate and quality of ongoing pool maintenance care.
Investment in interior re-surfacing, together with renovation of tile-work perhaps, will breathe startling new life into your pool.

Quartz Plaster pool interior renovation

Quartzon Quartz Plaster

Quartzon is an Australian product comprised of a pre-mixed blend of aggregate, high-quality cement, colour quartz and performance enhancing additives. It is a very popular high-quality long-lasting medium, providing a seamless, smooth, beautiful finish.

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Séychellia Aggregate Plaster

Séychellia is a new aggregate crystal plaster product, just becoming available on the NZ market this summer. It comprises a pre-mixed blend of high-quality cement, coloured crystal spheres and performance enhancing additives. The crystal spheres are mixed into a white plaster base creating a unique avant garde appeal. The finished surface also boasts a unique tactile appeal, which we find very pleasing to the touch.

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Epotec 2-Pot Epoxy Paint

Epotec is a 2-pot epoxy pool paint manufactured in New Zealand. While it does not have the same longevity offered by plaster media, Epotec offers a more economical solution to re-surfacing needs. The range has been specially specially formulated to provide wear-and-tear resistance and a smooth seamless aesthetic interior surface for your pool.

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Marble Plaster

Marble plaster is the oldest medium available for the interior surfacing of concrete pools. In spite of the advent of many other aggregate plasters, which have come to the market over the last 20 years, marble plaster also remains one of the most popular finishes for pool interior surfaces. Traditional and simple, marble plaster gives pools a smooth, classical appearance, providing an attractive, seamless, long-lasting interior surface.

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Hydrazzo Crystalline Plaster

Hydrazzo polished aggregate plaster is steadily gaining in popularity because it provides a luxurious pool surface that is harder (more durable), smoother and more resistant to chemicals and staining than any other plastered interior surface. Hydrazzo colours and can be custom-blended to allow for a truly individual creative statement.

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Fully Tiled Pool Interiors

Tiles are often applied to the pool’s waterline, floor, or steps to provide a colourful accent. BUT they can also be used to finish the total interior surfaces of a pool. The longest lasting solution available, a fully tiled pool looks fantastic.

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Tiles and Copings

When renovating your pool’s interior, it is often a good idea also to upgrade the waterline tiles and copings at the same time. Renovation of such tile-work is easily included in our renovation projects.

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Our Clients Say

"We are happy to commend Sparkling Pools to other Auckland pool-owners who might be considering pool interior renovations or equipment upgrades, particularly noting their reliability, their professionalism and the obvious pride they take in their work and their products."
Colin Herring, Kumeu, Auckland
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