Quartz Plaster pool interior renovation

Quartzon Quartz Plaster

Renovations & Resurfacing

Why choose Quartzon

Whether you’re renovating an existing pool or building a new one, ask yourself this question, “At the end of the day, what is going to stand out the most about my pool?” The answer is obviously the water colour, which is a refracted view of your pool’s interior. In fact, it will represent around 95% of what you will see. It doesn’t matter how much money and planning you invest in the renovation or construction of your pool, if the interior isn’t right you will be disappointed with the final outcome.

Since Quartzon was first introduced to the Australasian pool industry in 1995, it has been a runaway success, with thousands of domestic and commercial pool owners enjoying its benefits; the wide colour choice, the textural smoothness and the proven durability of the Quartzon concrete pool interior.

Quartzon is made from a blend of premium ingredients including white cement, brilliant white quartz sand, metallic oxides and ceramically coated aggregate. Your Quartzon pool will retain its brilliant colour for many years to come. Only Quartzon contains StarFleck which increases light reflection and enhances the pool-water’s appearance. StarFleck is a highly reflective aggregate that is mixed into all Quartzon colours. It makes your pool surface glitter and sparkle as the sunlight hits the surface. In fact, StarFleck is so reflective, it can even capture moonlight to create a shimmering effect at night.

  • Quartzon is unrestricted by temperature tech specs with regard to application, so that it is able to be applied all year round.
  • Given correct and consistent care, subsequent to application, this quartz plaster should protect your pool’s interior for 15-20 years – or until you want a change.
  • The colour range is fairly extensive and the choice of colour has a direct effect on cost, with the darker colours retailing at the higher end of the scale.

Colour Range