Epotec 2-Pot Epoxy Paint

Renovations & Resurfacing

Epotec is a 2-pot epoxy pool paint manufactured in New Zealand. While it does not have the same longevity offered by plaster media, Epotec offers a more economical solution to re-surfacing needs. The range has been specially especially formulated to provide wear-and-tear resistance and a smooth seamless aesthetic interior surface for your pool.

  • Epotec is subject to tech specs which restrict its application to the warmer months of the year, October – April.
  • Given correct and consistent care, subsequent to application, this epoxy paint should protect your pool’s interior for 5-7 years – or until you want a change.
  • The colour range is extensive. Colour choice has no effect on cost, but it is worth noting that, as the paint naturally ages, the darker colours will ‘chalk’ a little more obviously.

Colour Range